Audio Lessons 2008

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Living Biblically in 2008 Scripture Reference Date Speaker
Untitled Genesis 4 12/28/2008/PM Bo Shero
The Woman At The Well John 4 12/28/2008/AM Bo Shero
Untitled Various 12/21/2008/PM Bo Shero
Mary On Discipleship Luke 1 12/21/2008/AM Bo Shero
God of Creation Genesis 1 & 2 12/14/2008 Bo Shero
Ways that God Teaches Us   12/7/2008/PM Bo Shero
Renewing Our Commitment Various 12/7/2008/AM Bo Shero
Poverty, Prosperiety, Stewardship Various 11/30/2008 Bob Reynolds
Dads Who Shoot Straight Psalm 127:1-5 11/16/2008 Bob Reynolds
Honoring Father and Mother Exodus 20:12 11/2/2008 Bob Reynolds
Treasuring Maritial Fidelity Matthew 19:1-6 10/19/2008 Bob Reynolds
The wonders of Womanhood Titus 2:1-5 10/12/2008 Bob Reynolds
God's Plan For The Man Psalm 128:1-6 10/5/2008 Bob Reynolds
The Christian Home Begins With A Christian Marriage Genesis 2:18-25 9/28/2008 Bob Reynolds
Preparing for Persecution Matthew 5:10-12 9/21/2008 Bob Reynolds
One Grateful Leper Luke 17:11-19 9/14/2008 Bo Shero
The Priority of Peace Making Matthew 5:9 9/7/2008 Bob Reynolds
Purity and Integrity Matthew 5:8 8/31/2008 Bob Reynolds
Walking With God James 4 8/24/2008 Ray Young
Heal Grabber Genesis 32 8/17/2008 Bo Shero
Don't Wander Too Far From the Cross Luke 7:36-50 8/10/2008 Speedy Hart
The Mission Heart of God Various 8/3/2008 James Berry
What's Love Got To Do With The Lost Various 7/27/2008 Kevin Haynes
Good News for All People Luke 2:8-11 7/20/2008 Speedy Hart
The Magnificence of Mercy Matthew 5:7 7/13/2008 Bob Reynolds
How Do We Find A Preacher Various 7/6/2008 Don Godwin
 What is Christianity Phillipians 3:1-9 6/29/2008 Derek McNamara
Teaching the Next Generation Psalm 78:1-8 6/15/2008 Derek McNamara
 Choose Life Deuteronomy 30:11-30 6/08/2008 Derek McNamara
Jesus Is Lord Isaiah 45 6/01/2008 Derek McNamara
Dare To Dream Nehemiah 1:1-11 5/25/2008 Derek McNamara
The Secret of Satisfaction Matthew 5:6 5/18/2008 Bob Reynolds
Thank God For Devoted Mothers Judges 2:10-12 5/11/2008 Derek McNamara
The Time Is Not Right Haggai 1 5/4/2008 Derek McNamara
And It Was Good Genesis 1-2 4/27/2008 Derek McNamara
Shattered Dreams Various 4/20/2008 Bob Reynolds
One Thing You Lack Luke 18:18-27 4/13/2008 Derek mcNamara
The Placebo Effect John 10:1-10 4/6/2008 Derek McNamara
Can Jesus Trust You John 19:16-27 3/30/08 Derek McNanara
Why Celebrate the Birth of Jesus? Luke 2 3/16/08 Derek McNamara
Do Not Loose Heart 2 Corinthians 13:18 3/9/08 Derek McNamara
 "Forgive and Forget?"   3/2/08 Derek McNamara
Who's Going to Tell the Child About Jesus Colossians 1:24-29 2/24/08 Derek McNamara
Jesus is Coming Soon 2 Timothy 4:1 2/17/08 Derek McNamara
Scripture is Sufficient 1 Timothy 3:16-17 2/10/08 Derek McNamara
Sin Brings Difficult Days 2 Timothy 3:1-9 1/27/08 Derek McNamara
God's Word is Not Chained 2 Timothy 2:8-13 1/20/08 Derek McNamara
Suffer for the Gospel 2 Timothy 2:1-7 1/13/08 Derek McNamara
Guard the Gospel 2 Timothy 1 1/6/08 Derek McNamara
Choose You this Day, Getting Ready 2008 Joshua 24 12/30 Derek McNamara





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