Audio Lessons 2009

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Sermon Titles Scripture Reference Date Speaker
Sunday PM
12/27/2009/PM Bo Shero
A Visit to Nain with the Savior
Luke 7:11-17
12/27/2009/AM Bo Shero
Cravings and Rebellion
Numbers 11-14
12/20/2009/PM Bo Shero
Magi from the East Visit King Jesus
Matthew 2:1-18
12/20/2009/AM Bo Shero
Why Shepherds?
Luke 2
12/13/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jealous Husbands & Nazirites
Numbers 5 - 6
12/6/2009/PM Bo Shero
God & Visa
Deuteronomy 15
12/6/2009/AM Bo Shero
Counting Israel
Numbers 1
11/29/2009/PM Bo Shero
Four Biblical Views of Worship
1 Corinthians 14
11/29/2009/AM Bo Shero
Clean and Unclean
Leviticus 11
11/22/2009/PM Bo Shero
The Thankful Heart
Luke 17:11-19
11/22/2009/AM Bo Shero
Nadab and Abihu
Leviticus 10
11/15/2009/PM Bo Shero
Enthroning Jesus
Colosians 2:6-12
11/15/2009/AM Bo Shero
Israel's Feasts & Sacred Times
Leviticus 23
11/8/2009/PM Bo Shero
Our Game Plan
1 John
11/8/2009/AM Bo Shero
Offerings to the Lord
Leviticus 1-6
11/1/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Gluttony
11/1/2009/AM Bo Shero
Some Laws of Moses
Exodus 21
10/25/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Sloth
10/25/2009/AM Bo Shero
A Tour of the Tabernacle
Exodus 25
10/18/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Lust
10/18/2009/AM Bo Shero
Hearing the Law
Exodus 20
10/11/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Envy
10/11/2009/AM Bo Shero
God's Top 10 List
Exodus 20
10/4/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Anger
10/4/2009/AM Bo Shero
Israel Before God
Exodus 17
9/27/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Lying
9/27/2009/AM Bo Shero
Bitter Water and Manna
Exodus 15 - 16
9/20/2009/PM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan - Greed
9/20/2009/AM Bo Shero
Scouting Report on Satan-Pride
9/13/2009/AM Bo Shero
Crossing The Red Sea
Exodus 13 - 14
9/6/2009/PM Bo Shero
Rehiring Peter
John 21
9/6/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jesus Resurrection
John 20
8/30/2009/AM Bo Shero
Answering Pharaoh's Question
Exodus 12
8/23/2009/PM Bo Shero
Back To School
8/23/2009/AM Bo Shero
John 19
8/16/2009/AM Bo Shero
One More Night With The Frogs   8/9/2009/PM Bo Shero
What is Truth
John 18
8/9/2009/AM Bo Shero
Who Is The Lord
Exodus 5 -6
8/2/2009/PM Bo Shero
Live As Children of Light
Ephesians 5
8/2/2009/AM Bo Shero
7/26/2009/PM Bob Reynolds
Ten Reasons
7/26/2009/AM Bob Reynolds
Teach Me About Prayer
James 5:13-18
7/19/2009/PM Bob Reynolds
God Wanted to Kill Moses
Exodus 4
7/19/2009/AM Bo Shero
Moses Drafted
Exodus 3:11-4:17
7/12/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus On Trial
John 18
7/12/2009/AM Bo Shero
The Call of Moses
Exodus 2:11-3:10
7/5/2009/PM Bo shero
Jesus' Arrest
John 18:1-11
7/5/2009/AM Bo Shero
The Birth of Moses
Exodus 2
6/28/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Prays
John 17
6/28/2009/AM Bo Shero
Living As Slaves
Exodus 1
6/21/2009/PM Bo Shero
Fathers and Dads
6/21/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jacob Blesses, Joseph Reassures
Genesis 48-50
6/14/2009/PM Bo Shero
Grief To Joy
John 16
6/14/2009/AM Bo Shero
Joseph on Forgiveness
Genesis 42
6/7/2009/PM Bo Shero
The World Hates the Disciples
John 15:18 -16:4
6/7/2009/AM Bo Shero
Judah, Joseph, And The Women Around Them
Genesis 38
5/31/2009/PM Bo Shero
The Vine And The Branches
John 15:1-17
5/31/2009/AM Bo Shero
Genesis 32
5/24/2009/PM Bo Shero
Senior Sunday
Genesis 37
5/24/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jacob in Padden Aram
Genesis 30
5/17/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Did Not Leave Us As Orphans
John 14:15ff
5/17/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jacob At Bethel
Genesis 27, 28, & 29
5/10/2009/PM Bo Shero
Grace For Mothers
5/10/2009/AM Bo Shero
Who Are You? You are of Great Value
Genesis 1:26 - 27
5/3/2009/PM Bob Reynolds
The Key to a Joyful Life
Romans 12:12
5/3/2009/AM Bob Reynolds
Selling a Birthright
Genesis 25:29-34
4/26/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Is The way
John 13:31 ff
4/26/2009/AM Bo Shero
The Death of Abraham
Genesis 25
4/19/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Predicts His Betrayal
John 13:18-30
4/19/2009/AM Bo Shero
The Life of Christ
4/12/2009 AM Bo Shero
The Death of Sarah A Bride for Isaac
Genesis 22
4/5/2009/PM Bo Shero
12 lords and 1 Servant
John 13
4/5/2009/AM Bo Shero
The Triumphal Entry
John 12
3/28/2009/AM Bo Shero
Abraham Never Watched The Brady Bunch
Genesis 21
3/22/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Anointed at Bethany
John 12
3/22/2009/AM Bo Shero
Abraham - Threat to the Promise
Genesis 20
3/15/2009/PM Bo Shero
Miracles That Demand a Verdict
John 20
3/15/2009 AM Bo Shero
Lot Flees Sodom
Genesis 19
3/8/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Raises Lazarus
John 11
3/8/2009/AM Bo Shero
Abraham's Three Visitors
Genesis 18
3/1/2009/PM Bo Shero
I AM the Good Shepherd
John 10
3/1/2009 Bo Shero
The Covenant of Circumsion
Genesis 17
2/22/2009/PM Bo Shero
Our Teachers
2/22/2009 AM Bo Shero
Abram, Sarai, and Hagar
Genesis 16
2/15/2009 PM Bo Shero
God's Covenant with Abraham
Genesis 15
2/8/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus on Casting Stones
John 7:53-8:11
2/8/2009/AM Bo Shero
Abraham and God's Covenant With Him
Genesis 13
2/1/2009/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Walking On Water
John 6
2/1/2009/AM Bo Shero
Jesus The Bread of Life
John 6
1/25/2009/AM Bo Shero
Abraham A Story of Faith 2
Genesis 12
1/18/2009/ PM Bo Shero
Like Father Like Son
John 5
1/18/2009/ AM Bo Shero
Abraham A Story of Faith 1
Genesis 12
1/11/2009 /PM Bo shero
The Healing at the Pool
John 5
1/11/2009/ AM Bo Shero
Jesus Second Sign
John 4
1/4/2009 /AM Bo Shero



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