Audio Lessons 2012

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Sermon Titles Scripture Reference Date Speaker
New Mexico Children's Home Report - 11/4/2012/PM Thom Moore
Restoration Ephesians 5:19-20 11/4/2012/AM Bo Shero
Lies vs Truth Genisis 3 10/28/2012/PM Bo Shero
Renew Me, Lord Jesus Psalm 119:49-50 10/28/2012/AM Osvaldo Valdez
Argentina Mission Report Various 10/28/2012/Special Osvaldo Valdez
Radical Action- No return Various 10/21/2012/PM Bo Shero
Re-Discover The Word of God 2 Kings 22-23 10/21/2012/AM Bo Shero
Listen To and Know God Various 10/14/2012/PM Bo Shero
Keep Teaching 2 Timothy 4:1-8 10/14/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Knowing God Various 10/7/2012/PM Bo Shero
Motivations 2 Timothy 3 10/7/2012/AM Bo Shero
Handeling The Word of God Correctly 2 Timothy 2:14-26 9/30/2012 Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Worship Various 9/23/2012/PM Bo Shero
Passing on the Gospel 2 Timothy 2 9/23/2012/AM Bo Shero
Do Not Be Ashamed 2 Timothy 1 9/16/2012/AM Bo Shero
Your Story; Your Gift 2 Timothy 1 9/9/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Spiritual Kingdom Various 9/2/2012/PM Bo Shero
Doing What is Good Titus 3 9/2/2012/AM Bo Shero
There is a Time to Run Genesis 19 8/26/2012/PM Bo Shero
Confronting Bad Choices Genesis 12 - 19 8/26/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Immutability Various 8/19/2012/PM Bo Shero
A Call to be Christian Titus 2 8/19/2012/AM Bo Shero
  Various 8/12/2012/PM Bo Shero
Titus' Task Titus 1 8/12/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Mercy Various 8/5/2012/PM Bo Shero
Deacon Installation Various 8/5/2012/AM Shero/Godwin
Attributes of God: Justice Various 7/29/2012/PM Bo Shero
    7/29/2012/AM Bo Shero
Disciple Trips Various 7/22/2012/PM Jeff Smith
The Cross of Christ Various 7/22/2012/AM Bob Reynolds
Flee False teachings; Pursue God 1 Timothy 6:11-16 7/15/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Love Various 7/8/2012/PM Bo Shero
Pursue True Godliness 1 Timothy 6:1-10 7/8/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Holiness Various 7/1/2012/PM Bo Shero
Living for the Glory of God Ephesians 1:3-14 7/1/2012/AM Steve Raine
Attributes of God: All Everything Various 6/24/2012/PM Bo Shero
House Rules 1 Timothy 5:17-24 6/24/2012/AM Bo Shero
Faithful Persistent Prayer Various 6/17/2012/PM Van Webb
Three Questions Various 6/17/2012/AM Van Webb
Treatment of Believers 1 Timothy 5 6/10/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: God vs Idols Various 6/3/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Real Thing 1 Timothy 4 6/3/2012/AM Bo Shero
Modeling Winning Behavior 2 Various 5/27/2012/PM Bob Reynolds
Modeling Winning Behavior 1 Various 5/27/2012/AM Bob Reynolds
Attributes of God: Jesus Various 5/20/2012/PM Bo Shero
Graduate Message Proverbs 1 5/20/2012/AM Bo Shero
Father's Leadership Psalm 127 5/13/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: God is Spirit Various 5/6/2012/PM Bo Shero
Reasons for Overseers and Deacons in God's Household 1Timothy 3 5/6/2012/AM Bo Shero
Priorities of the Assembly 1Timothy 2 4/29/2012/AM Bo Shero
Attributes of God: Attitudes Various 4/22/2012/PM Bo Shero
Truth vs. Irrelevancy 1Timothy 1 4/22/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Shrewd Manager and the Rich Man Luke 16 4/15/2012/PM Bo Shero
Stewardship Various 4/15/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Greatest Day Ever John 20 4/8/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 36 Malachi 4/1/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Vine and The Branches John 15: 1- 17 4/1/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 35 Zechariah 6 - 9 3/25/2012/PM Bo Shero
Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10 3/25/2012/AM Osvaldo Valdez
The Prophets Lesson 34 Zechariah 3 - 5 3/18/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Undiscovered Country Various 3/18/2012/AM Ben Mereness
The Symphony of the Gospel Various 3/11/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 33 Zechariah 1 & 2 3/5/2012/PM Bo Shero
Words of Good News Various 3/5/2012/AM Mike Knappier
I Stand Amazed Exodus 32 2/26/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Revenge Story That Wasn't Luke 22 23 2/19/2012/AM Bo Shero
Sea of Forgetfulness John 21 2/12/2012/AM Steve Diggs
The Prophets Lesson 32 Haggi 2/5/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Big Game 1Kings 18 2/5/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 31 Daniel 9:20 - 12:13 1/29/2012/PM Bo Shero
Trust God and Live Daniel 6 1/29/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 30 Daniel 9 1/22/2012/PM Bo Shero
The Worship of Molech and Abortion Various 1/22/2012/AM Bo Shero
Learn From God's Judgements Daniel 5 1/15/2012/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 29  Daniel 7 1/8/2011/PM Bo Shero
True Sanity Daniel 4 1/8/2011/AM Bo Shero
The Prophets Lesson 28 Ezekiel 33 - 37
Bo Shero
Trust and Serve the Real God
Daniel 3
Bo Shero
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