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Sermon Titles Scripture Reference Date Speaker
Sunday PM Sermon Nehemiah 1 12/29/2013/PM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon John 8 12/29/2013/AM Bo Shero
Sunday PM Sermon Ezra 9 12/22/2013/PM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon Matthew 2 12/22/2013/AM Bo Shero
Sunday PM Sermon Various 12/15/2013/PM Osvaldo Valdez
Sunday AM Sermon Various 12/15/2013/AM Osvaldo Valdedz
Sunday AM Sermon Matthew 4 12/8/2013/AM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon Various 12/1/2013/AM Steve Diggs
Sunday PM Sermon Ezra 3 11/17/2013/PM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon Matthew 13 11/17/2013/AM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon Matthew 22 11/10/2013/AM Bo Shero
Sunday PM Sermon Ezra 11/3/2013/PM Bo Shero
Sunday AM Sermon Matthew 3 11/3/2013/AM Bo Shero
Do As God Asks Matthew 21:18-21 10/27/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 9 2 Kings 24-25 10/20/2013/PM Bo Shero
See As A Child Matthew 21 10/20/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 8 2 Kings 20-23 10/13/2013/PM Bo Shero
How Can We Keep Our Mouths Shut Matthew 9:27 10/13/2013/AM Bo Shero
South Pacific Bible College Update 2 Timothy 2:2 10/6/2013/PM Steve Raine
Bound With Family Matthew 12:46-50 10/6/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 7 2 kings 13 - 19 9/29/2013/PM Bo Shero
A Mother's Request Matthew 20:20-28 9/29/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 King Lesson 6 2 Kings 11 -12 9/22/2013/PM Bo Shero
Called by God Various 9/22/2013/AM Ben Mereness
2 Kings Lesson 5 2 Kings 9 9/15/2013/PM Bo Shero
Know Your God Matthew 9:2-13 9/15/2013/AM Bo Shero
Remebering Some Biblical Stories Various 9/8/2013/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Fixes Everything Matthew 8 9/8/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 4 2 Kings 6 - 8 9/1/2013/PM Bo Shero
Jesus Knows Best Matthew 16 - 17 9/1/2013/AM Bo Shero
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13 8/25/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 3 2 Kings 5 8/18/2013/PM Bo Shero
Pack the Truck Romans 1 8/18/2013/AM Bo Shero
A Few Thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5 - 7 8/11/2013/PM Bo Shero
Overflow with Hope Romans 15:13 8/11/2013/AM Bo Shero
Priorities Various 8/4/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
Jonah Jonah 8/4/2013/AM Allen Phillips
2 Kings Lesson 2 2 Kings 4 7/28/2013/PM Bo Shero
Prepare Now Matthew 25 7/28/2013/AM Bo Shero
2 Kings Lesson 1 2 Kings 2 7/21/2013/PM Bo Shero
A Place with Jesus Various 7/21/2013/AM Bo Shero
Talk of Jesus Various 7/14/2013/PM Bo Shero
Paul in Athens Acts 17 7/14/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 14 1 Kings 22 7/7/2013/PM Bo Shero
Covetousness 1 Kings 21 7/7/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 13 1 Kings 19 - 20 6/30/2013/PM Bo Shero
Pilate John 18:26-19:16 6/30/2013/AM Bo Shero
Home Various 6/23/2013/PM Ben Shero
Searching for the Lost Luke 15:8-10 6/23/2013/AM Gabriel Opong
Doing Your Best for God Various 6/16/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
A Father's Day Various 6/16/2013/AM Bob Reynolds
The Monster Luke 22 6/9/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 12 1 Kings 18:16-45 6/2/2013/PM Bo Shero
Bearing the Load Mark 15:21 6/2/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 11 1 Kings 17 & 18 5/26/2013/PM Bo Shero
Going Along Luke 23:32-34 5/26/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 10 1 Kings 15 5/19/2013/PM Bo Shero
Message to the Graduating Class Proverbs 5/19/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 9 1 Kings 14 5/12/2013/PM Bo Shero
Do the Will of God John 19:25-27 5/12/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 8 1 Kings 13 5/5/2013/PM Bo Shero
Doing the Things That are Right Matthew 27:32-44 5/5/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 7 1 Kings 12:1-15 4/28/2013/PM Bo Shero
Image of Jesus Various 4/28/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 6 1 Kings 9 - 11  4/21/2013/PM Bo Shero
Children of God 1 John 3:1-3 4/21/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 5: Solomon's Temple 2 Chornicles 3-7 4/14/2013/PM Bo Shero
Biblical Characters: Stephen Acts 6-7 4/14/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 4 1 Kings 3:16-28 4/7/2013/PM Bo Shero
Homosexuality: How Christians Should Respond Various 4/7/2013/AM Bo Shero
Jesus, His Story Various 3/31/2013/AM Bo Shero
Cornelius Acts 10 3/24/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
Biblical Characters: Zaccheues Luke 19:1-10 3/24/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 3 1 Kings 3:1-15 3/17/2013/PM Bo Shero
Biblical Characters: The Woman of Sychar John 4:4-26 3/17/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 2 1 Kings 2 3/10/2013/PM Bo Shero
Biblical Characters: Esau Genesis 25:21-34 3/10/2013/AM Bo Shero
1 Kings Lesson 1 1 Kings 1 3/3/2013/PM Bo Shero
The Great Refusal: Jonah Jonah 3/3/2013/AM BO Shero
Christ's Habit of Praying Various 2/24/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
Biblical Characters: Paul Galatians 2:20 2/24/2013/AM Bo Shero
Joseph Genesis 37-45 2/17/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
The Prodigal Wife: Gomer Hosea 6:6 2/17/2013/AM Bo Shero
The Heart Disease of Judging Various 2/10/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
Confession of a Failure, The Busy Man 1 Kings 20:35-43 2/10/2013/AM Bo Shero
The Real Super Bowl Various 2/3/2013/PM Bob Reynolds
Bibilical Characters: Pharo Exodus 2/3/2013/AM Bo Shero
The Reconciliation Message Ephesians 2, 3 1/27/2013/PM Van Webb
Biblical Characters - Naomi Various 1/27/2013/AM Bo Shero
Do Not Conform to This World James 1/20/2013/PM Van Webb
Biblical Characters - Cleopas Various 1/20/2013/AM Bo Shero
What's in a Name Exodus 3:1-4 1/13/2013/PM Van Webb
The Race to Live for Jesus Various 1/13/2013/AM Bob Reynolds
God Is Still The Answer Various
Van Webb
The Undying Fire - Moses
Bo Shero
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