Brownfield COC

Thursday School

Thursday School is part of our education program and is offered as a free service that is staffed by volunteer teachers.

Our purpose is to provide a Bible based curriculum and a wide variety of learning experiences in a conductive Christian environment, to reach others with the Gospel of Christ, to improve community relations with the church, and to help mothers of young children by giving them a free morning. Tasia Hernandez and Pam Berryhill are the coordinators of the school.

This teaching preschool focuses on helping children to be prepared to attend school and to teach basic Bible knowledge. Children will also be learning good listening habits, developing memorization skills, and raising their retention levels. They will also be involved in manipulative activities (like cutting, drawing, and tracing) which help to develop both fine and large motor skills. A by-product of the class will be that children learn self discipline, learn to make choices, to share, to help others, to respect the rights of others, to think and work independently, to concentrate, to have patience, self esteem and greater coordination.


Each Thursday, children enjoy Bible Class, Nature Class, Basic Skills Class, Listening Class, Special Activity Centers, Singing, and Fun Time.


Thursday school meets starting the second Thursday of September through the second Thursday of May.9:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Children must be 3 or 4 on or before September 1st to be eligible for Thursday School. Registration for the school year begins in April.Call the church office for more information.